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IMN updates data to improve ease of delivery and unburden mail-delivery staff from the clutter and waste of non-deliverable and duplicate mail.

IMN's Address Hygiene System (AHS) identifies people no longer at the institution and fixes incorrect or improperly-formatted addresses. The technology dramatically improves deliverability for all classes of mail which includes IMN's Campus-Class.

A. Pre-Address Hygiene – Before the mailing, IMN electronically cleans the mailer's file.
a. Premium Cleansing - The process includes assigning institutional codes and matching names to institutional information to determine if the person is still there and/or validate address accuracy. The AHS uses special algorithms to maximize matching.
b. Standard Cleansing - The process includes assigning institutional codes and determining if the address is deliverable. This process is similar to USPS CASS. We suppress improperly formatted records for the mailing.

B. Post-Address Hygiene – The Waste-Free Mail (WFM) Connect, formally Facing Slip Processor, is B-to-B technology connecting companies directly to customers to validate contact information and gather intelligence on communication preferences. Each customer is assigned a unique access code. The customer logs on to www.wastefreemail.com and enters the access code on the home page. From there, easy-to-follow instructions allow the customer to update contact information and register communication preferences. For security, the WFM Connect technology has authorization safeguards.