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(Q) Will you increase our mail?
(A) No – We're only concerned with mailers that are currently mailing to you. Our Address Hygiene typically reduces the amount of mail (poorly addressed mail) by 40% per mailer.

(Q) What format would you like the data in?
(A) Excel or Text (tab delimited)

(Q) Why do you need the names?
(A) In order to correct and properly format addresses as well as remove faculty/staff and students no longer at your school, we need to know who is there and where they are.

(Q) How are you able to pay the institutions?
(A) Because of our technology, we're able to get a different postal/shipping discounted rate which allows the school to get paid.

(Q) Why do you pay the institutions?
(A) Because the school actually does the work, we feel the school should share some of the revenue.

(Q) How do you get mailers?
(A) We receive referrals from the following Schools, Mailers, and more importantly from USPS.

(Q) Do you sell our list?
(A) No - We only use the list to clean mailer lists. Mailers must provide us their lists before we can process.

(Q) If we do not have the names, how do we get it?
(A) We recommend various vehicles to acquire the list: 1. Controller; 2. Registrar; 3. Information Resources/Services; 4. Alumni Director; or 5. Human Resources.

(Q) Can Waste Free Mail 2.0 application help with Student mail?
(A) Absolutely! WFM will support all types of mail streams which include mail destined to students.