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IMN technology helps institutions streamline the enormous amounts of mail, emails, and phone calls addressed to employees and/or residents on base or campus. IMN's patented process and proprietary software increase deliverability, efficiency and provide a new revenue stream to the university sector as well as other institutions.

As Chart 1 shows, on average, more than 40% of commercial mailing lists consist of people no longer at the institutions or of duplicate records. These pieces are "undeliverable" and, while some may be returned to sender, most end up in office "recycle" bins.

Commercial mail is generated by employees attending conferences, ordering materials, or requesting literature. Their lack of awareness regarding institutional addressing standards results in another 40% of mailer lists with incorrect or incomplete address information.

To increase delivery efficiencies and support green initiatives, the people at Intra-Mail Network:

For Incoming Mail Delivery
• Facilitate relationships between mailers and institutional mail centers;
• Ensure mailer data are up-to-date and meet institutional formats; and
• Remove people no longer at the institution.

For some institutions, IMN offers royalty payments. Under a structure developed by nationally recognized college and university tax attorney Bertrand M. Harding, Jr., the schools may receive payments treated as "tax-free royalties." Yes, we reduce waste, update commercial mailing lists and pay mail centers for the deliverables. Now that's a partnership!