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Michael R. Sanders, President and Chief Executive Officer, developed IMN's patented process and designed the Address Hygiene System, the electronic Facing Slip Application, and other proprietary software. Along with programming, Mr. Sanders is an expert in postal regulations, policies, and processes. Before founding IMN in 1999, he was head of Postal Affairs in Direct Response Marketing at MBNA from 1997 to 1999. Between 1984 and 1997, he served in numerous capacities for the U.S. Postal Service, including Operations Support and Customer Service. Mr. Sanders received his BS in Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Aldona E. Robbins, Chief Financial Officer, is an expert in quantitative analysis and communication. Dr. Robbins has authored several articles on the economic and environmental costs of poorly-addressed mail into colleges and universities. She has held economic policy positions in the Offices of the Secretary at the U.S. Treasury and Labor departments. From 2003 to 2005, Dr. Robbins served on the National Center for Health Statistics' Board of Scientific Counselors. She holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Pittsburgh.

Stefan M. Sanders, Vice President for Information Technology, oversees IMN's Web-Based Applications and address correction implementations. By trade, Mr. Sanders is a Senior Software Test Engineer with a BS degree in Electronics from Norfolk State University. His expertise in the software industry lies heavily from working as part of a Web-Based Application test group for a major telecommunication company for 11 years. Prior to that Mr. Sanders worked for the Scientific Ecology Group, a subsidiary of GE as a Senior Calibration Specialist in its Nuclear programs.

Malcolm Augustine, Director of Business Development, is a seasoned sales and customer relationship executive in direct marketing. At IMN, Mr. Augustine manages customer relationships and nurtures new prospects to customers. Prior to IMN, he provided sales and marketing communications consulting services to a variety of clients within the healthcare and non-profit sectors at Gyde Communications for five years. He also spent ten years at Eltrex Industries, a printing, mailing, and manufacturing company, building multi-million dollar customer relationships and sales. Mr. Augustine holds a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University.

Gary A. Robbins, Economic Consultant, is an expert in computer-based modeling and database management. Mr. Robbins developed software that IMN uses for presorting and firming Campus-Class mail. He and wife, Aldona, have operated Fiscal Associates, an economic research and consulting firm, since 1985. He served sixteen years in the U.S. Treasury Department in various positions including Chief of the Applied Econometrics Staff and Assistant to the Under Secretary for Tax and Economic Affairs. He received his master's in Economics from Southern Methodist University.